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Our colleague Alvaro Sánchez, who is a correspondent for El Pais in Brussels, was detained and kept in a police van during a demonstration for the climate on the evening of 24 March in front of the Federal Parliament, Rue de la Loi. Alvaro was handcuffed, behind his back, for half an hour, despite the fact that he visibly identified himself as a journalist. He showed an accreditation badge visibly on his neck and stated that he works for the Spanish newspaper.

Alvaro’s arrest occurred in the middle of police action to remove protesters who were not even in the perimeter set by the police in front of the Federal Parliament.

We express our strongest protest and indignation at this temporary detention. This goes against the freedom of the press. Handcuffing a journalist practicing his profession and preventing him from doing his job is a serious breach of fundamental rights and freedom of the press.

We call for an inquiry to clearly establish the responsibility behind this violation of press freedom.

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