The International Press Association represents foreign journalists accredited in Brussels and actively deals with all aspects of the defense of their professional interests:

  • Giving Journalists a Voice not only in the European institutions, NATO and the other international institutions established there but also in the national institutions of the host country, Belgium;
  • Representation vis-à-vis the authorities of Belgium for all issues related to accreditations, registration and daily life of foreign correspondents in Belgium

Other Examples

  • Acting as Intermediary: helps to find solutions to problems faced by foreign journalists in their daily work e.g. accreditations, working conditions in the institutions’ press rooms, technical issues, relations with spokespersons, access to meetings and offices, etc.
  • Organizing of so-called ‘API Hours’: press events with high ranking officials, diplomats and experts about current issues
  • Facilitates Contact: between other journalists through informal activities
  • API is the interlocutor with the Belgian authorities for all matters relating to the accreditation, installation and life of foreign correspondents in Belgium; it actively supports its members in case of problems and does not hesitate to intervene directly on their behalf with the various authorities;
  • API provides useful information to newly arrived correspondents in Brussels;
  • Helps journalists in difficulty through its own solidarity fund;
  • Facilitates the meeting between journalists, by the organisation of informal activities like it’s football team;
  • Assists correspondents in obtaining the Belgian Press Card: and ensures the respect of the interests of foreign journalists established in Belgium. In doing so, it strives to minimize costs for its members;
  • Deals with the renewal of this card without its members being obliged to address or affiliate with a national journalists’ association;
  • The Belgian press card facilitates work in Belgium, entitles you to free transport on SNCB trains, 50% business class discount on Brussels Airlines aircraft, free access to many museums in Belgium, etc.


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