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API Online Membership Form

API’s Annual Membership Fee

API’s yearly membership fee is €120 for fully employed staff members and €70 for freelancers and retired journalists. The Belgian government stamp is included in this fee.

Please note that only journalists based in Belgium and working mainly for foreign media are entitled to become members.

You do not need to have the official European or Belgian accreditation to become a member though, but in that case you need to prove that you are a professional journalist (for instance by a letter from your employer or your main client, or an official press card from your national authorities or from a professional journalist organisation).

Freelancers must always prove that journalism constitutes their main professional activity and source of income.

Belgian journalists working for foreign media can also become members.

The Payment can be done at the API secretariat or via bank transfer to:

IBAN: BE75 2100 3650 1051

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