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As their second and last two year term is coming to an end, API-president Tom Weingärtner and vice-president Kris Van Haver will have to step down. And when former vice-president Eric Maurice unexpectedly resigned last August, the API Council appointed its member Dafydd ab Iago as interim vice-president until the next assembly, conform art. 7.3a of the API-IPA statutes. This means that the 2019 General Assembly on Tuesday 2 April will have to elect a new president and two vice-presidents.

A call for candidates had the following result:

Candidate for President: KATALIN HALMAI, Brussels correspondent of the independent Hungarian daily Népszava

Candidate for Vice-President: DAFYDD AB IAGO, correspondent for Argus Media, representative of the British members in the API Council, currently interim vice-president

Candidate for Vice-President: TERESA KÜCHLER, Swedish, correspondent for Svenska Dagbladet, podcaster and columnist

No other candidates for President or Vice-President have presented themselves before the statutory time limit (art. 8.2)

The new President and Vice-Presidents will be elected in a majority vote by members present at the assembly.

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