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The API Council held a virtual meeting using Zoom this Thursday. The main topic were the media arrangements of the main EU institutions and NATO during the coronavirus crisis.

While there is a great appreciation for the institutions that they keep holding daily briefings and press conferences in these extraordinary circumstances, in our daily contacts with our colleagues several issues and questions have been raised.

During the last couple of weeks we exchanged e-mails and letters with the press and communication services of the three main EU institutions, with the purpose of clarifying our position and letting them know our concerns and requests.

Our main issues raised were: 1) the importance to receive answers to all questions sent online and, if possible, 2) the possibility to ask questions in real time and do follow-ups, and 3) the possibility to receive press releases about the decisions of the European Commission before the President posts her video messages on Twitter.

The API Council discussed the state of play of our talks with the institutions and decided to continue the dialogue with them. We keep trying to find solutions to the perceived problems and will share with you the outcome of our discussions with the institutions while still looking forward to your remarks and reactions.

Katalin Halmai,
API President


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