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Today, Thomas Wieser gave his last press briefing as head of the Euro Working Group, which prepares the meetings of the Eurogroup ministers. On this occassion API-IPA issued this statement:

The International Press Association (API-IPA) wants to thank Thomas Wieser for the fair and professional briefings he held as chairman of the Euro Working Group. We always felt well informed by him and we regret that we lose him as a counterpart for the Brussels press corps. API wishes him all the best for his future work.

Thomas Wieser opted for transparancy when he was appointed as the newly created head of the Euro Working Group. He introduced for the first time briefings on the work of this important institution on a regular basis. Although there were considerable reservations of behalf of certain members of the Eurogroup, he continued talking to the press and never gave in to the temptation of giving misleading or even wrong messages.

And although he made an art of playing the press room, he continued to conscientiously inform the numerous journalists at his briefings. He was their anchor even in the most dramatic moments of the euro crisis. Correspondents could always be sure, perhaps not to get all information, but in any event correct information.

We know: this was not the case for everyone we had to deal with. We therefore want to underline how much we have appreciated that we could rely on his words. The trustful relationship between Thomas Wieser and the Brussels press corps is recommended by API to his successor and to all other European institutions.

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