Le Goethe Institut a demandé à API-IPA de diffuser les informations suivantes: Le Goethe Institut Brüssel propose les cours gratuits de langue allemande durant le semestre d'hiver 2018/19, également pour journalistes. Le semestre d'hiver commence en octobre. Plus d'informations ici:

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API Demands Clarity on Belgian Security Fee for Correspondents

(version française ci-dessous)

Last July, the International Press Association (API-IPA), representing the foreign correspondents in Brussels vis à vis the EU institutions, learned that the Belgian authorities planned to start charging initially € 50 every six months to journalists seeking EU summit accreditation, for their security screening. Recently, we learned that the € 50 fee will now be asked per year and not per semester.

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Api Protests Against Belgian €50 EU-Summit Security Screening Fee

(Version francaise ci-dessous)

The International Press Association (API-IPA), representing the interests of the foreign correspondents in Brussels, has learned that the Belgian authorities will start charging €50 to journalists seeking EU summit accreditation, for their security screening every six months (or €100 per year).

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Présents: Margaritis Schinas (SPP), Lisa Dimitrova (SPP), Tom Weingärtner, Lorenzo Consoli (API), Eric Maurice (API) Kris Van Haver (API), Michael Stabenow (API), Hans de Bruijn (API), Thierry Monasse. (API).

  • Après le bilan de la réunion informelle des dirigeants qui s'est tenue le 24 juin, il a été convenu que le PSP explorerait des solutions pour l'utilisation d'espaces alternatifs dans la BERL, en particulier aux portes des lieux, permettant de meilleures opportunités de photos et un accès plus facile aux journalistes.
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Joint Conclusions of the Meeting of the API Bureau With Margaritis Schinas 26.06.2018

Present: Margaritis Schinas (SPP), Lisa Dimitrova (SPP), Tom Weingärtner, Lorenzo Consoli (API), Eric Maurice (API) Kris Van Haver(API), Michael Stabenow(API), Hans de Bruijn (API), Thierry Monasse (API). 

  • Taking stock of the Informal Leaders' meeting, which took place on 24 June, it was agreed that the SPP will explore solutions for use of alternative spaces in the BERL, especially for the doorsteps, allowing for better photo opportunities and easier access of journalists.
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Lénaïc Fund: Brussels-based Fellowship for Young Female European Journalists

 The Lénaïc Fund for Quality Journalism is offering a five-month financial bursary of up to €5,000 for a placement starting in October 2018 with Politico in Brussels.

Applicants must be female EU graduates under 28 years of age, aiming to work in EU journalism, able to write in English and have a reasonable knowledge of a second EU language.

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In Memorium Ullrich Schur (1950 – 2018)

It was a couple of days after the fall of the Berlin wall on 9 November 1989 when Ullrich Schur and his wife Barbara arrived in Brussels. Barbara and "Ulli" - as he was known by his friends and colleagues – were standing in the back row of a packed Press Room on the first floor in the old Berlaymont building. No one knew then what would be the repercussions of the events. This was particularly true for Barbara and Ulli who had previously worked for the East German state news agency AND in Mongolia. But they certainly sensed more than most of the Brussels based journalists, that things to come would be totally different. 

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API Regrets Lack of Public Info by Juncker After Migration Summit

It is with deep concern that the International Press Association API-IPA takes note of the fact that European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker does not intend to inform the international press about his discussions with heads of state and government on migration and asylum issues during the informal meeting on Sunday.  

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No Fake News: FC API Wins The Subsicup

This must sound like fake news to you, but it is the truth, simply the truth – and a fantastic truth. For the first time in its more or less glorious, but longstanding history API´s football team (FC API) managed to win the annual Subsicup tournament.  

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API Dissatisfied With SPP Reaction To Last Week's Communication Mishaps

Dear collegues, API-IPA would like to share the following statement with you:
Last week, several complaints have reached us about the handling of news by the SPP.

Tuesday afternoon the Commission put out a statement (18/3982) of President Juncker concerning remarks of Commissioner Oettinger earlier the same day in an interview with Deutsche Welle (Voice of Germany).
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NATO Access Problems Quickly Solved

Journalists holding a permanent accreditation at NATO were unpleasantly surprised today when arriving at the alliance's new headquarters, where they were not given access on showing their permanent accreditation pass as usual, but also had to wait in a sometimes long line for a separate media-visitors badge and for a special badge to open the new turnstiles at the entrance gate. On top of that, identity cards were taken in and only given back after returning the two extra badges when leaving the NATO premises.

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API Complaint About MFF Presentation

API has sent the following e-mail to European Commission spokesperson Margaritis Schinas about the presentation of the press material about the Multiannual Financial Framework, last week by president Juncker: 

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Easier Access To Council Buildings

The European Council will make the access to the Lipsius and Europa buildings for accredited journalists a bit easier, something API has asked for sometime ago. The inter-institutional (yellow) badge will be 'upgraded' for that purpose. 

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API-IPA 2018 General Assembly

API held its 2018 Annual General Assembly on Tuesday 6 March 2018 in the Residence Palace, under the chairmanship of Tom Weingärtner, API's president. There were about twenty-five members present.

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L'API a tenu son Assemblée Générale annuelle 2018 le mardi 6 mars 2018 au Residence Palace, sous la présidence de Tom Weingärtner, président de l'API. Il y avait environ vingt-cinq membres présents.

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API-IPA Co-Founder Guido Boodts 1944-2018

API-IPA mourns the death today of one of its co-founders, Guido Boodts (73), after a short sickbed.

Belgian journalist for De Standaard newspaper Boodts was one of a group of European journalists who decided in 1975 to establish the Association de la Presse Internationale as representative of the foreign correspondents covering European affairs in Brussels.

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API Condemns Killing Of Slovak Journalist

The International Press Association (API-IPA) is shocked by the murder of our Slovak collegue Jan Kuciak and his friend. API-IPA condemns this crime against a journalist. We expect the Slovak authorities to do their utmost to investigate the truth and to bring the perpetrators to justice. 

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API Hour On 'What Future For Europe'

A very interesting API Hour was held on Monday 26/2 with the title 'What Future for Europe?' 

It was the presentation of the annual report on the European Economy by the influential European Economic Advisory Group, chaired by Prof. Dr. Clemens Fuest of the IFO Institute of the university of Munich. 

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Les membres sont invités à l'Assemblée Générale annuelle de l'API-API le mardi 6 mars 2018 à 13h00 au Residence Palace, salle Maelbeek.

(L'assemblée est réservée aux membres de l'API) Seuls les membres qui ont payé leur cotisation 2017 et/ou 2018 peuvent voter à l'assemblée Les membres qui ne peuvent être présents peuvent voter par procuration, sous la forme d'une note manuscrite et signée, à un autre membre, à présenter au secrétariat de l'API au moins 24 heures avant la réunion. Chaque membre peut avoir un seul vote par procuration).

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API General Assembly 2018

Members are invited to API-IPA's annual general meeting on Tuesday 6 March, 2018 at 13.00h at the Residence Palace, Maelbeek Room

(The assembly is for API-members only. Voting is only open to members who have paid their 2017 or 2018 membership fee. Members unable to attend may give aproxy vote, in the form of a hand written and signed note, to another member, to be presented to the API secretariat at least 24 hrs. beforethe meeting. Each member may have only oneproxy vote to cast).

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