Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Agree minutes of previous Council meeting.
Report on meeting with Commission;
New accreditation criteria;
Reports on structure and finances of API and where we go from here.
New secretary general - Hans considering.
Information board for the Commission.
European External Action Service:
AGM in November.
Nominations for Council members to replace those who have not been attending and other groups that are not represented.

Read more: API minutes, Council meeting 16 October 2013

Meeting with European Commission Spokespersons service, with Koen Doens, Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen and Krisztina Nagy and for API, Ann Cahill, Tom Weingartner, Michael Stabenow, Kris Van Haver and Lorenzo Consoli in the Berlaymont on Friday at 4 pm 20 September 2013.

Read more: Minutes of meeting with the Commission about API-September 20, 2013

API Council - Meeting Minutes held on 17/09/2013 - chaired by Ann Cahill
API council meeting agenda:
  1. Agree minutes of previous meeting (see minutes copied below).
  2. Death of our secretary general, Henri Deheyne - a minute’s silence.
  3. Report from Michael on his funeral, API’s presence.
  4. Proposal to review API structure to plan for the future.
  5. Arrangements to fill in for Henri on a temporary basis to ensure API service is maintained.
  6. Update agenda for meeting with Commission press service Friday.
  7. Meeting with director (Tues 4pm) from DG Comm re PressEurop etc issue.
  8. Issues arising from the announcement etc on roaming.
  9. EEAS - ongoing problems with Gymnich etc
  10. API hour; press club.
  11. Any other business.
 Present:  Michael Stabenow, Tom Weingartner, Thomas Friedrich, Kris Van Haver, Thierry Monasse, Griselda Paster, Hans de Bruijn, Stephen Israel, Lorenzo Consoli, Ann Cahill.
Apologies: Rory Watson; Nagayo Taniguchi, Nathalie Vandystadt, Isabel Arriaga e Cunha, Alexandre Mineev, Thomas Smyth, Katerina Penna.


Tuesday 17 September 2013.

In the European Commission, Berlaymont.

Commission: Sixtine Bouygues, director for strategy and corporate communication;  Alain Dumort, head of unit Media Networks; Sylvain Hubert, policy assistant.

API: Ann Cahill; Michael Stabenow; Tom Weingartner.

To discuss the proposal and tender - now withdrawn - by DG Comm A6 launched on June 19th concerning the “development, implementation and management of an Online Media on EU Affairs”. 

Read more: Meeting with Bouygues 17/09/2013: Minutes

Attending: Ann Cahill; Griselda Pastor; Hans de Bruijn; Gyorgy Foris; Stephen Israel; Michael Stabenow; Thomas Friedrich; Nagayo Taniguchi: Rory Watson; Nathalie Vandystadt ; Giuseppina Paterniti Martello; Thierry Monasse; Alexandre Mineev.  

Apologies: Henri Deheyne. Tom Weingartner. 


Meeting with Council - outcome.

The Council agreed to consult us at an early stage on arrangements for the media in the new Europa building, and for changes - mainly cosmetic - they are making to the Council Press briefing room.

Read more: Minutes API meeting 15 July 2013.

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